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Advertising at Night With Inflatbale LED Advertising Pillars

Posted on has launched a great new product, perfect for promoting your storefront — our new LED Pillar! This LED Pillar stands at 6’ tall allowing versatility in retail space whether you’re a big box store or small mom and pop retail shop. This product differs from a Sky Dancer® because it does not move, allowing it to take up less area space, which is an awesome fit for locations that don’t have much room! But, what it does is light up in an amazing LED light show attracting attention for everyone that comes within 100 yards of it. Our LED Pillar is a great candidate to help drive sales with its array of bright colored lights; especially since we’re at the end of Daylight Savings! 

The inflatable LED Pillar attachment is white in color, however when the internal LED lights are turned on they can be changed to many different preselected colors including; Green, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Orange, White, and Violet! The LED Pillar uses an 18” diameter LED blower, which has remote controlled LED colored bulbs allowing the white pillar to change colors. This Pillar is controlled by a remote, which allows you to change the light settings to strobe, flash, or fade — creating a unique light show guaranteed to bring attention! Our LED Pillar is constructed of high strength nylon material which allows for much more optimum use! Order your LED Pillar today while they’re in stock and ready to ship!

The Home of Sky Dancer Dancing Advertising Inflatables

What is a Sky Dancer?A Sky Dancer is an advertising product that utilizes a powerful motorized fan to propel wind through a fabric inflatable tube, which causes the tube to dance about in an erratic dancing motion. Sky Dancers are most commonly used for retail store advertising & promotion as well as for event [...]

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