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Sky Dancer® Blowers, Giant Inflatable Blowers, LED Pillar Blowers, and motors to power all products supplied by All of our blowers and motors that power inflatable advertising products from are custom spec'd and engineered to power their respective inflatable advertising attachment. Our 9" Diameter Blower powers our 6ft Sky Dancers, 12" Diameter Blower powers the 10ft Sky Dancers®, and the 18" Diameter Blower powers the 20ft Sky Dancers. Our single Giant Inflatable Blower powers all of our Giant Inflatable products, and the LED Pillar Blowers come in two varieties: 18" Diameter LED Blower for the 8ft LED Pillars and 32" Diameter LED Blower for the 10ft LED Pillars.

And if you want to add a little spice to your standard Sky Dancer set, don't forget to pickup the light kit that custom fit right on top of the blower unit and lights up the blower for those dimmer-lit environments.